Food is my art! What’s yours ?

So growing up I saw my mom paint! A lot! I mean canvas, pottery, clothes.. you name it and she painted it.. and then suddenly, my sis grew up to be a beautiful artist.. Well, me on the other hand cannot hold the paint brush properly.. or I thought. Till I got invited for a painting party with some fabulous ladies from my neighborhood.. I had a blast.. We had food (ofcourse!) and wine and a very patient instructor who walked us through painting this awesome piece..

So painting to me is a lot like how I cook.. Everything happens in steps, you get inspired by something that you see, eat or hear and you express it in your way..

Me with the inspiration and my expression

The inspiration
Work in progress
Not bad for a beginner
Ooh almost
Right there.. 
Final product!
Our class in progress
Sue and her fabulous painting
Talented ladies and our instructor!

And well, ofcourse I brought food..  🙂
I made shrimp, avocado and mango salad filled phyllo cups.
Recipe here:

Well, I had a great time BUT I have to say painting is really not my art..Cooking is.. What about you ?

Crispy eggs!

“Crispy” eggs on a bed of marinated grape tomatoes, red onions, avocado and alfa alfa sprouts.. Dressed with a simple blend of olive oil and lemon juice!

Technique below;

I used a mixture of 2 Tbsp of homemade breadcrumbs and 1 Tbsp of parmesan cheese to coat the eggs to add a layer of “crispiness” to the eggs..

Tomatoes are marinated in 1 Tbsp olive oil, 1/2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar and a Tbsp of chopped fresh basil. Salt and pepper to season.


Zucchini parm crisps!!

Nothing says summer to me than a beautiful and a firm squash.. Well among other things like ripe strawberries, sweet watermelon.. I talk in food.. you should know that by now.. I get excited when I see farm fresh ingredients.. It’s like a power outside of my body possesses me to “work” with these nature’s beauties.. I love zucchini.. It’s a very bland vegetable in my opinion that needs a bit of dressing up..and you know me.. I am all about dressing up.. 😉

So I have experimented with this squash before.. I have made Zucchini burgers, zucchini stir-fry, and also just simple grilled zucchini… This is another one of my adaptations of what I am seeing as a classic these days.. A great alternate to a starchy, fatty potato chip and a bit easier on the belly in my opinion.. Enjoy!

Zucchini parm crisps !

Wash, dry a firm zucchini and slice real thin.
1/2 a cup of homemade bread crumbs
Add 2 Tbsp of grated Parmesan, 2 Tsps of lemon pepper and salt to season 
Assembly line to dredge:
Zucchini, buttermilk (oh yeah), and the breadcrumb parm mixture
Lay them flat on a sheet to rest.
Bake in a preheated oven at 425 degrees on a greased wire rack over a cookie sheet for 25-30 minutes.
Flip the “crisps” every 7-8 minutes for even cooking. 
Enjoy immediately! 
Great as a side!

Happy Mother’s day

Happy Mother’s day weekend my fellow moms and to folks who are planning something fun for the “mom” in their lives..

Whether you are celebrating this Sunday with your family for brunch out or just staying in with some breakfast in bed or are waiting to be surprised; I wish you a lotta good eats as always!!

I went through my recipe archives and pulled up some fantastic creations for the “mum” in your life.. Give it a try and make sure to clean up after yourselves.. She’ll adore you forever!!

For the “Fashionista” mom:

Treat her to some French toast with cherry compote in bed

and maybe a Pear-granate spritzer ??

Or maybe a dainty Caramelized onions and fig tarts topped with brie


For the “Power suit” mom:  How about a no nonsense Avocado egg bake


For the Yogamom :

Why not make her a green smoothie to start her special day out with some spinach, kiwis, pears and chilled watermelon ?

Also how about a Poblano stuffed with rice, beans and queso fresco served with avocado sour cream and mango salsa

 OR maybe a lighter quinoa and lentil salad ?


For the warm and relaxed mom: Let her indulge with some Shrimp and crab pasta OR substitute pasta with some slow cooked grits for a classy brunch !

Photo: Shrimp and lump crab tossed in a creamy garlic flavored sauce with some fresh asparagus and a touch of noodles...perfect with a glass of wine tonight!

Whatever it is that you have planned for you mom, make sure to feed her well because you know she would 🙂

Coconut and almond soft chews

Humpday motivation!! Coconut and almond soft chews.. Mmmm good! Hope you have a “sweet” day!

Beat 2 egg whites, dash of vanilla essence, pinch of salt and 1/4 cup of sugar till the mixture forms peaks.

Gently fold 1 1/2 cups of baking coconut flakes (sweetened) in the egg mixture.

Drop using a Tbsp onto a greased cookie sheet.

Bake at 325 degrees for 16-18 minutes a light golden brown.

Let cool completely.

Summer squash and tomato bake!

Squash, tomato and cheddar bake! Celebrating sunshine after a rainy day!!

Layer thick slices of tomatoes and your favorite squash in an alternate fashion in an oven proof pan. Slip in slices of garlic in between the layers.. About 2 cloves of garlic per layer in a 13X9 pan. Drizzle about a Tbsp of Olive oil per layer. Season with salt and black pepper. Sprinkle about 2 Tbsp of sharp cheddar on top. (Use more as desired). Bake in a preheated oven at 375 degrees for about 12-15 minutes. Broil for a couple of minutes to turn the cheese a nice golden brown. Enjoy!

Maharaja Kale chips!

Wash, dry a bunch of Kale on a couple of paper towels. The leaves should be absolutely dry. Using kitchen scissors, remove the leaves from the stalky rib and cut/shread into bite size pieces. Toss about a couple of cups of kale leaves in the below dressing.

2 Tbsp of Olive oil
1/2 Tbsp garam masala
1/2 Tsp roasted cumin seeds
1 Tsp lemon pepper
Salt and pepper to taste

Bake in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes till golden brown around the edges. Toss in between.. Let cool completely. Enjoy!

The last of the Strawberries!

After making all kinds of sweet dishes with the pounds of strawberries Luca picked from the farm, I was itching to make something savory!

Strawberry chili salmon with a quick garlic tossed kale!

1/4 cup of fresh chopped strawberries
1 Tsp of your favorite chili sauce/ fresh crushed chilies
1 Tbs of Olive Oil
salt and pepper to taste
Bake in a preheated oven at 400 degrees for 15-18 minutes
till the fish flakes easily with a fork.
Serve with a quick tossed garlic kale.