Freaky Curry Cooking Class Report
Holiday Cheer Part I and II

Hello Party people !!

So, Freaky Curry hosted it’s first cooking class from it’s holiday series on Nov 5th  2011 and the 2nd one on Nov 12th . What a fun experience we all had!!

We had a very diverse class with varying levels of culinary skills. We started our day with going over the menu that I planned for the class. It was very well received by all. 🙂

Menu for the 5th 

Butternut Squash soup with sage brown butter
Pork tenderloin with an onion cranberry jam.
Apples with a cinnamon spice crumble.

Menu for the 12th

Carrot ginger soup with parsley pesto
Pork tenderloin with an apple cranberry chutney
Apples with a cinnamon spice crumble.

The beauty of this menu was that a lot of the prep work could be done well in advance. Great for the holidays. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to slave in the kitchen on the day of. I want the house to be ready and myself to look put together instead of running around like a crazy woman with guests waiting for their meal.

We first started off our class by making a fresh pot of coffee. I tried the Vanilla bean starbucks coffee this time. Delicious and definitely a good boost for what was going to be a busy morning.

We then started our prep work for the different courses.

Since our meat needed to be marinating for at least an hour, we made our marinade first and put the meat in the fridge.

While the meat soaked up all the juices from the marinade, we proceeded to chop, cut and dice our veggies for the soup. 

Whilethe veggies were cooking on the stove for the soup, we then started our prep work for the onion jam/apple chutney.

The class was “crying” while cutting the onions. Haha. This class was really prep-heavy and that’s the best part. Most of the dishes in this week’s class can be prepared before hand.

We filled up our cups with some more coffee and hot tea and took time to write down our notes.

As the jam and the soup were underway, we started the prep work for our Apple crumble.

While some were wrapping up their notes and posting pics on Facebook :), we started tasting our “fruits of labor”.

There was silence in the room J Always a good sign..

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What a fun day !! Can’t wait to do it again 🙂

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