Candied All spice almonds

So.. Accidents happen right ? Things sometimes don’t go right.. even though you plan and perfect your strategy and have the confidence that the plan will work, sometimes it just doesn’t .. and what do you do in that case ? You can either get frustrated, lose all hope, or start all over again.. Come up with a new plan to conquer your feat AGAIN !!..

so where exactly am I going with this ?.. Let me tell you..

I started on this quest to make a caramel sauce from scratch.. I have seen my mom make it, I have seen Ina Garten make it. It seemed easy enough..

Oh boy ! it was anything but.. I couldn’t get the sugar to caramelize to save my life.. I changed my pans from non-stick to regular.. I let the sugar and water boil over and spill all over the stove.. It was a mess..

I was really bummed.. 🙁

I saw Almonds.. right next to the stove just calling my name.. so..

I made Candied all spice almonds instead 🙂
Enjoy !

To make about 3.5- 4 cups of Almonds

For the Syrup

2 Cups of sugar1 Cup of water

2 Tbsp unsalted butter

1 Tbsp Vanilla essence
1/2 Tbsp All spice
1 Tsp Cayenne pepper (optional)
Pinch of salt

Bake the almonds on a cookie sheet with a parchment paper in a pre-heated oven at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes. BE CAREFUL.. It takes a sec from roasted to toasted 🙂

Keep shaking the sheet every 3-4 minutes to make sure all the nuts get equal heat.

Let cool for about an hr.
Mix the syrup ingredients in a heavy bottom pan and bring to a boil on medium heat.

Lower the heat and cook while stirring for 5-6 minutes till the mixture becomes a little thick.

Take it off the stove and mix the almonds in it. Coat well and spread on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Separate almonds using a fork and let cool at room temperature for about a couple of hours.
Enjoy !

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