Christmas 2011

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas 🙂
Ah.. 2011 Christmas is almost around the corner. I can’t believe it. I am still getting over Thanksgiving 🙂
Growing up, Christmas was a huge huge part of our lives. My dad being in the Indian Army, we got to travel a lot. Every two to three years we would just pack our bags and MOVE. My siblings and I really had the privilege of growing up in a very diverse environment. You’ll be surprised when I tell you how diverse a country like India can be. 28 states and counting, more than 15 languages.. I can’t keep up.. 🙂
My parents growing up made sure that we celebrated ALL festivals irrespective of whether they were a religious celebration or a cultural one. This is something that my husband and I follow as well as we raise our son. We celebrate all festivals with a lot of vigor and enthusiasm but I have to say, my favorite is Christmas. 🙂
Christmas day at our house is rather low key as compared to the rest of the holidays year around which kind of works out perfectly. It normally starts with some of us waking up real early and patiently waiting for every body to get downstairs and having their first cup of coffee or tea. Then it starts with a MAJOR discussion around whether we should open the presents first or eat breakfast. (Lifelong challenge in our lives!!).
After that dilemma is solved, all the presents are opened and we are stuffed, it’s about lazying around and just being. Just being together. Just being there with each other, around TOGETHER.  And then of course lunch ensues 🙂
I don’t know why that is but I just feel like Christmas is my holiday. It’s a religious holiday which I am totally aware of 🙂 but I feel there is more to it. It’s about togetherness, it’s about counting your blessings, it’s about a new tomorrow, it’s about hope and happiness and sharing. It’s about family and food.
See I told you, my holiday 🙂
So whatever reason it is that you celebrate this holiday (well, if you do) I wish you togetherness. I wish you a new and a better tomorrow. I wish you enough blessings that you get tired of counting. Most above all, I wish you health, hope and a presence of mind. Because everything else will follow.
Merry Christmas.

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