Come cook with me at Amelie’s!! Scrapbook

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.. I hope this scrapbook of pics and posts convey the energy, the excitement and the fun we all had at Amelie’s (THE BAKERY in town) where we gathered to cook together.. 

Happiest when my hair is up and am cooking 🙂

Our fabulous class!

Setting up !
Garam masala and Saffron
Let us begin.. 

Chopping.. and then some more

Smelling the delish saffron!

Chop away!
Grinding the saffron and sugar

Mixing with the mascarpone cheese
Chop chop chop away

Hamming it up for the camera!

Did not get the memo on closed toe shoes.. hmmm.. 😉

Chopped.. finally!

Well.. hi there!
The spice box..

umm… spices… 

Big pot means BIG THINGS are happening!! 
The Indian spicebox.. 
Mixing it up.. 

Stefanie showing us how to grate ginger
Let the cooking begin.. 


Saffron pilaf
Say Pakora!!!
When you cook, you shall taste!! Love the spirit of our “Home Chefs”..

Chicken makhani cooking away.. yummm

Did I mention, it was “them” who cooked and not me  ?? 😉
Shahi tukda stuffed with saffron infused mascarpone cheese

Frying pakoras.. delish!
Nothing like enjoying garam garam (hot hot) pakoras..
These ladies were so cool.. 

Chicken Makhani and Saffron pilaf

Loved these kids.. so much fun.. !

Dessert time !
Some heavy conversation happening there.. 
Enjoying the fruits of our labor..
Fun times!
 A heartfelt Thank you for cooking with me!

Q&A time at the dinner table.
Let’s eat!

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