Come cook with me !! at Amelie’s!! Sneak peek..

So, Freaky Curry had an opportunity to cook with some of Amelie’s fans last night.. 
What’s Amelie’s you ask ? 
SHUT UP!! (That’s the 13 yr old in me).. 
You don’t know ? It’s like the best bakery in town.. It’s like heaven on Earth.. It’s like the best coffee in Charlotte.. It’s like.. you get the picture.. It’s Amelie’s for crying out loud!! Salted carmel brownies ? 
SCB babies!! They make them.. It’s all Amelie’s!! 
I cannot talk about them enough.. 
So, I finally had a chance to cook at Amelie’s as a part of their cooking series that they host at their special catering and events location off of Plaza rd… At the Annex.. 
The Annex is a beautiful venue.. Great space for church gatherings, book clubs, showers and even weddings!
Do check them out the next time you are looking for a cool and a funky space to host your event. Stefanie Haviv and team are a pleasure to work with. 
Here I am.. Getting all set up for the class !

The menu and recipe cards for all the “students” to take home

Lil Amelie’s goodie bags.. filled with leftovers !
Umm.. Vino.. 

Something to nibble on with their wine and beer.. So thoughtful.. 

Battle ground.. lol .. The kitchen.. 

Our fabulous sous chef.. ..

Me just posing.. The folks below did all the cooking 🙂

Our fabulous class!! Really enjoyed everyone’s spirit in class..
What a treat to cook with you all..

Detailed post with pics coming up soon!! Watch this space closely 🙂

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