Curried Chicken and Mango salad

So I came back home today after a VERY long day.. My day started out pretty lame. Stuck in traffic for over an hour, spilled coffee on my cream silk skirt, ate a salad with chicken WITH SKIN ON !!! Of course lost my appetite at that point.. and it continued to go downhill even further.. my team mate dropped the ball on a major release we had going on, too many fire drills at work and well, I can go on and on.. In a nutshell, I NEEDED chocolate.. Which I did manage to get .. Along with a latte, a hot chocolate and a bag full of potato chips.. SO.. yeah.. I abused my body today !! big time.. Stress and BAD FOOD choices..

So, by the time I got back home, I was starving.. and cranky.. and did I mention starving.. Needed a snack .. pronto !!

Looked in the fridge and found some leftovers… Jackpot !!

1 grilled chicken breast – chopped/ shredded

1/2 green bell pepper – chopped

1/2 red onion- chopped

2 stalks of celery – chopped

1 carrot – grated

Handful of cilantro, mint and basil – chopped (from my home garden)

1 Tbsp Mayo

2 Tbsp yogurt

1/2 tsp whole ground mustard

1 tsp all spice powder

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

salt, cayenne and pepper

and then I found a Mango.. Ummm

1/2 Mango – chopped

Mix all the above together.. Adjust heat on the spices per taste. Chill for atleast an hour.

I ate the above with crackers.. I made Luca a wrap out of it and Kish just used a spoon..

Enjoy !!!

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