Destination eating: Asheville Part Two!

Continuing from my previous post, please see a few highlights of my trip with the girls to Asheville.

All set to leave! I added a blue soft denim blazer to my camo pants
to add some structure to the outfit.
The girls and I!
Outside our first spot: Limones’
A Mexican and a Californian style food joint!
Inside Limones’
White and brown sugar cubes…
Needless  to say we devoured them as is!
We were starving!
Trio of house made salsas..
Cooked and raw.. and house made corn chips..
Arugula salad in a creme fraiche vinaigrette!
Crisp greens laced with a refreshing dressing
Chilli Relleno breakfast platter..
The chilli was cooked but firm bursting with cheese.. The guac was so fresh..
and the seasoned potato made this dish filling!
Shrimp Tacos.. Homestyle tortillas.. !
Crab cake breakfast platter. The cakes were sweet and meaty..
and the cilantro sauce that came with this dish was out of this world!

Churros! with caramel dipping sauce and Mexican hot chocolate with a hint of cinnamon!!
I am going back just for this!
Papdi dahi chaat from “Chai Pani”.
I needed more chutney to spice it up!
Samosa Chaat. Not my favorite but the samosas were crispy.
and I loved the presentation. 

Fried Okra strips. Crisp, tangy and so addicting!

Delicious Cauliflower soup from “Fig Bistro”.
Creamy with a hint of sweetness. Delish!
Try my version here!
Truffle Pom frites.
The truffle oil gave it that exotic taste that leaves your palate wanting for more. !
Girls about town!

Watermelon and rosemary cocktail at “Curate’ “.
I didn’t partake BUT heard it was very refreshing!
Thyme ice cream with a pistachio sponge cake.
The ice cream was VERY tangy!! The cake was a bit dry for my taste.
Grove park Inn spa! 

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