Eating Uptown Series… Part Five- Fro Yo

Melissa (My partner in crime) and I had a little hankering for something sweet today after lunch.. We thought maybe a cookie.. Decided against it and opted to get some frozen yogurt instead. Went to a place called Frozen Isle.

Tasting .. Peach Mango..
Tart and sweet

Red velvet… Sooooo good.. heavy.. and creamy..
almost felt guilty tasting it.. “almost”
and yes, that’s my lip gloss around the cup.. I am a girly girl:)

Melissa.. ready with her bowl of sweet goodness

She cracks me up.. 🙂 Heading towards the topping bar.. 

Mine all mine!! Mad scientist at play here..
Peach-Mango tart and pistachio.. with of course fruits..
to make it healthy ?!

Organic flax seed.. The only thing I found organic.. sigh.. oh well.. 

am ready to enjoy my afternoon treat!

Taking in the sights and sounds of the city.. 
Don’t forget your frequent member card.
 Thanks to my cube neighbor who had one.
Get it punched with every purchase.. get a treat in the end.  🙂

They have a lot of different and cool flavors and a bunch of toppings to go with them.. I might try the peanut butter and the white chocolate mousse next time.. What’s your favorite combo ?

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