Eating Uptown Series… Part Six – 5Church

So I had the pleasure of eating lunch with my sister this week.. She’s a busy body! Always studying.. or taking exams.. so I was definitely thrilled to catch up with her after what seemed like “FOREVER” that we had seen each other… A little bit about my sister (If you don’t see it from the picture below).. She’s the pretty one.. the smart one, the cute one, the SKINNY one.. and the most love-able one too ! AND she’s the middle child so you know what they say about them people ? 😉 I am kiddin.. We love her “Inspite” of all that.. (She will KILL me).. It’s good sibling fun.. But on a serious note, you need makeup advice or a fabulous babysitter, you should totally talk to her.. 🙂

Totally looking cute!

We decided to check out 5Church as I work right around the block and didn’t want to walk too much.. You know me and my big girl heels issues 😉

The restaurant is pretty spacious and the decor is very eclectic. Black and white colors mostly with metal accents. Very cool space. Very hip 🙂 The hostess was very friendly and showed us to our seats promptly. As we were seated we were greeted by our server who was very pleasant too. (Good start!)

Cool captions and poetry on the ceiling

You know I love unique dinner/drink ware…
Beet sliders.. Fresh goat cheese and avocado!
Crispy and creamy.. Did not need any other sauces or mayo..
Bunch of napkins though 😉
Beet sliders.. So crispy! Thick slices of beets, breaded and fried!
 I am sooo making this!
These came with a side of fresh cucumber pickles.. Crisp and tangy.. 

Loved the hint of rosemary and the creamy Gorgonzola
on this fresh mozzarella flat bread
The flat bread was crisp at the first bit and a tad chewy after.. Loved it. 

Garlic and red chili flakes crowned these green beauties..

ok.. So there’s a pasta salad and there is THIS pasta salad..
Loaded with soft feta, olives, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas!
This thing was  DA BOMB!! Big serving too..
A little heavy on the salt I guess due to the feta and the olives..
Also maybe because the pasta is boiled in salted water.. (Thanks Tina!)

Left over flat bread and pasta salad for my mama!

Amazingly enough we ate all vegetarian.. I was very pleased to find that there were so many choices! I was tempted to get the lamb burger or maybe the fried chicken sandwich or MAYBE just MAYBE the truffle beets ?? So many choices.. .. Hmm Next time! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Eating Uptown Series… Part Six – 5Church

  1. Sid says:

    It was an amazing afternoon and thank you so much for giving me all this credit 😉
    I definitely recommend this restaurant ! My favorite dish were the Beet sliders. The velvet feel of the goat cheese mixed with the subtle taste of the avocado made these sliders heavenly. The fried beet patties were a perfect addition to blend in all the flavors together. Love love it !

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