Eating Uptown Series… Part Two – Dandelion Market

So this week, my funny and very sweet co-worker and fellow blogger ( ) were in day long meetings!! Well, OK so it was a couple of hrs long but C’mon !! 12-2!! We were famished..and it really didn’t help us because we had already decided where to go for lunch.. 

The Dandelion Market.. ( 

My husband and I had gone there for brunch with another foodie couple friends of ours.. and we really enjoyed the food, the service and of course the company was great too.  So I was really excited to go there with my friend.. 

We had been dreaming of lunch since morning so 2 PM couldn’t get here fast enough! Once the meeting was done, we walked fast to the restaurant. .. well when I say fast, as fast my 4″ heels could carry me I guess.. 

So we got there and there were only a couple of patrons which is pretty typical if you are trying  to get lunch at 2:30 !! The decor was very tasteful. exposed brick walls, wooden furniture.. very charming.. 

We were greeted and shown to our seats quickly.. that just meant we were a step closer to our food.  🙂

Both Melissa and I ordered the house mint Iced tea which was VERY refreshing.. Didn’t even need sugar to sweeten it up.. We both also ordered the grilled cheese and the tomato soup combination.. We added prosciutto and tomato (for me) to the sandwich. 


Look at that thick cut of bread, tomato and the meat sticking out! Toasted well with butter.. . Delish.. 

This is after! Could barely finish the sandwich .. The soup was good enough to dunk the sandwich in.. 

Melissa delirious after eating… 

 Check her out on her blog.. ( )

Yeah I am tired after eating so much.. !! and the weather is humid today.. My hair can tell you that.. LOL!

but this was fun kids! Looking forward to another great Eating uptown series.. Next week ?? Hmm any suggestions ?

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