Football and food ! Madness!

Superbowl weekend!! Woohoo!!  OK.. I am done.. So.. anyone who knows me knows that I don’t get football.. (Yeah, I know !) BUT seriously I don’t. Like I pretend I do (full disclosure here).. but then I forget the rules and such.. Now don’t get me wrong.. I love the guys who play pro football… . Well some of them.. Well.. OK MOST OF THEM! BUT overall, yeah… I don’t get it..

There is one thing I do love about football and that’s the festivities that come with the sport.. and by festivities I really mean the “Food”.. (I know, shocker!).

Essentially I feel in my simple mind, it’s the food that makes the game. or ANY game for that matter.. Who wants to enjoy a game with a cup of tea in your hand or some cucumber sandwiches.. ? (Maybe I’ll make those for Mother’s day.. Hmm)

You need some food to get your adrenaline going just as if you were playing the game yourself.. (Oh, C’mon you know you do that! Sitting on your couch, in your favorite team’s jersey with a football in your hand!)… 🙂

Well my football freaks! I have some great (easy and hearty) recipes for you for your football weekend.
Hope you enjoy the food.. (and of course the game!).. and I will just see you all at the half time show..

Pork tacos

Tangy Chicken bites

Pickled red onions for your burgers and sandwiches

Quinoa and lentil pilaf

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