Freaky Curry Cooking Class Report

Hello Party people !!

So, Freaky Curry hosted it’s first cooking class on Sept 24th 2011. What a fun experience we all had !!

We had a very diverse class with varying levels of culinary skills. We started our day with going over the menu that I planned for the class. It was very well received by all.. 🙂

Here’s the menu

We first started off our class by making a fresh pot of tea. With the rain gently beating down on the deck outside, it set the mood for all to relax and have fun ! (Stress and food don’t mix well).

We then started our prep work for our appetizer.

Recipe for Thai Inspired Crab Cakes with a green apple salad and lemongrass vinaigrette.

While the crab cakes chilled in the fridge before hitting the hot oil, we filled up our cups with some more hot tea and took time to write down our notes.

While some were wrapping up their notes and posting pics on Facebook :), we started prepping for our entree.

Recipe for Sweet potato risotto with a maple pecan crumble.

After we made the risotto and updated our note cards, it was time to taste 🙂
The best part of cooking.. 🙂

We then finished our apple salad for our crabs, made the crabs and made our plates for some more pics and FB updates 🙂

We all then sat with our plates full of crab cakes and the risotto and ate ourselves silly 🙂

More tea !!!

We finished with dessert 🙂

Recipe for Curry Chocolate money bags with raspberry sauce.

What a fun day !! Can’t wait to do it again 🙂

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