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Superbowl weekend!! Woohoo!!  OK.. I am done.. So.. My team isn’t playing so honestly I could care less for the game itself. Now don’t get me wrong.. I love the guys who are playing… . Well some of them.. Well.. OK MOST OF THEM! BUT overall, yeah… I am more stoked around the festivities.. Like the FOOD and the half time show.. You know, Bruno is performing! and I love me some BRUNO ! 😀

Well my football freaks! I have some great (easy and hearty) recipes for you for your football weekend.

Hope you enjoy the food.. (and of course the game!).. and I will just see you all at the halftime show..

Try these recipes if you are hosting or bringing a dish to a Super Bowl party!



Try my whipped feta and marinated tomato crostinis!


Scallion cheese and lox phyllo cups


Cherry tomatoes stuffed with curried crab meat


Eating light, no problem; Try my “skinny” 3 Bean hummus


Want something spicy ? How about my uptown singara ?


Or my jhatpat chicken!


Make sure to check out my past posts on Football madness to get some more ideas!


No matter if you are team is playing or not, I hope you have fun and a lot of good eats!!

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