I really want to be on a boat!.. Like For real!!

So all of you must be wondering, what’s up with me ? Like why a boat ?
Let me tell you why ? It’s because of this below!

My “boat” shorts.. Look at the teeny tiny blue sail boats.. 

So I bought these shorts this past weekend and ever since, all I can think about is to be a on a BOAT.. I think it’s the dreary weather getting to me.. I am ready for Spring.. I am ready for flirty sundresses, colorful shorts and just being in a “sunny” state of mind.. Enough with this winter/monsoon/confused eeky weather!

So the moment I bought these shorts, I imagined myself sailing in a boat.. (a yatch to be exact.. I know I dream big!)… on a sail boat, breeze though my hair, fancy sunnies, and a chilled glass of champagne in my favorite silver flute…. Ummm…

Well, it’ll be a while till I get there.. Might have to wait a couple of more months for the sun to actually show up! BUT you know I think in food.. 😉 With a glass of champagne, I want some chargrilled oysters and some mussels cooked in a garlicky, white wine and parsley broth and some fresh light and flavorful pasta… Yumm….

So what better to enjoy being on a boat than well not being on a boat but pretending to be on one.. I know confusing.. but imagine, if you can indulge in the culinary creations that convey the romanticism of my imagination..

So.. Ta Da!! I bring to you a part of my boat dream cuisine.. (Emphasis on the “part of my dream”.. do Remember there is no boat.. yet.)

Toasted 3-herb pesto stuffed hand rolled pasta tossed with veggies!!

A Cup of all purpose flour
2 Eggs
1 Tbsp Olive oil
Pinch of salt
Knead till a soft dough is made. The dough maybe sticky.
Knead on a well “floured ” counter.

Make small lemon sized balls and roll one ball at a time into a thin sheet.
Thinner the better!!
Layer  1 Tbsp of homemade pesto like above. (Recipe for pesto)
Roll away..Seal the edge with some egg wash.
TA DA!!!
Cut on the bias
I made some ravioli too!
Two round discs stuffed with the pesto
Seal using the eggwash and using the back of your fork on both sides. 
Bring some salted water to a roaring boil.

Drop the pasta by a handful gently. Let cook for 3-5 minutes till they float upwards.
Using a tea strainer or a slotted spoon, remove them from the water.

My ravioli floating away!! 

In a  pan, melt some butter and OO. Toast the fresh made pasta till golden brown and keep aside. Saute some garlic, fresh veggies till soft yet crisp and toss the pasta with it. 

Sprinkle some fresh Parmesan and you are all set!

Until I actually get to be on a boat, I am going to wear my “boat” shorts and enjoy my food..;)

Bon Appetit’!!

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