Ice Cold Coffee !!

Growing up in India brings back many memories.. One of them is drinking cold coffee at cafe’s with friends and making iced coffee at home after afternoon naps..

This is one drink I can always enjoy.. Day or Night ….

Enjoy !!

To Serve 2

2 Cups of 2% milk (We use organic)

2-3 Tsp of ground instant coffee powder (The desi in me uses Nescafe’ Sunrise)

2-3 Tbsp sugar

A pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon powder

1 pod of cardamom seeds crushed (Hush… that’s the secret)

2 cups of ice

Blend all of the above till you reach a “smoothie” consistency.

Serve in tall glasses with a dollop of chocolate icecream.

(I served it with chocolate & Vanilla popsickle)

Enjoy !!

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