I’m taking on a new lover

You know there comes a time atleast once in a woman’s life where she has to decide who she wants to give her heart to.

In my case, I think that time has come. But alas, I’ve been pushed to make that decision. See till now, the two loves of mine had me in their grasp of promising love and bliss. I had all their attention and they had mine. Never did I have to make a decision to choose just “one” but today all that changed.

Sigh.. I was at a store and I saw this pair of shoes.. They were perfect. Lime green wedges. Perfect for spring, summer, rain oh I don’t care for winter! They saw me and I saw them. We flirted..a couple of stolen glances later, I had to bring them home.

As I walked towards the cash register, my eyes met with .. Wait for it..the best looking dutch oven! Yes, it was perfect. Robust, sturdy oh so masculine. I just had to have it. But my pockets made me choose one. Just one! Why can’t I have it all?!

Sigh.. I chose the dutch oven 🙂 I brought it home feeling a bit guilty for my actions but who can control the heart’s desires. I cannot wait to feature it in my next recipes and posts.

On a second thought, Maybe just maybe, I don’t have to make a choice just yet. Maybe the shoes and I can be on a “break” till I figure out what I really want from “this relationship”. Maybe just maybe, the shoes will understand that I’m just a woman. A woman in love. In love with anything food. (For now). 😉

Happy weekend all!!

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