A lil bit about me.. Food is a passion for me.. It always was and it always will be.. I am blessed to have a family of foodies– a special shout out to my mom. ! She fed us tacos before I knew Mexico existed 🙂

I was even more blessed when I met my husband.. I think I gained the most weight when we started dating.. 🙂 We have tried a lot of different cuisines.. and our motto when we go out is “try a new place”..

I would rather spend my time in the kitchen — tinkering with spices and such..

Well, this blog is dedicated to my mom and all my peeps who have been encouraging me to write my recipes down so that I can share them.. Well, so this is it! Hopefully you won’t find the same old chicken tikka masala or pulao recipes but
something “hatke”.. 🙂

Best part about cooking — ?? TASTING !!

Have you ever noticed how cooks never eat after making a meal ?? Its’ because they have been TASTING the food and are full 🙂 (atleast I do).. no shame in that 🙂

so let’s get started .. shall we ?? I am not going to lecture you on how you need to follow the recipe to get the optimum result.. actually I am against that.. This is how I follow a recipe.. I look at it once and then try it myself.. Improvise as you go along.. and then this is the best part — Branch out .. Try the same technique with another ingredient.. you’ll be amazed at the results..

Well, people, lets get started !! good luck and send me your requests as to what you want to cook.. any cuisine..and lets see if I can recreate it for you..

Thanks so much for visiting my blog.. 🙂

Happy eating 🙂

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