Left over Thursday – July 7th 2011

So guys, Its left over Thursdays’ part 1.

I have the below ingredients:

Half a block of tofu – cubed about 1″
Left over white rice
Half an eggplant —- Don’t ask !
Half an Onion —– Well it was too big to use the whole thing !

In my fridge and pantry, I have

2 filets of fish (tilapia)- cubed about 1″
Fresh tomatoes, Cilantro, basil, ginger and garlic

We will make:

Fish and tofu hotpot !

It’s delicious and healthy… and oh so light !!

Saute about 2 cloves of grated garlic and 1/2″ ginger root (sliced fine) in 2 Tbs OO. Add chopped up onions (1/2 cup) and fresh tomatoes (about 1.5 cups)
Saute till translucent.
Add basil, cilantro and eggplant and continue sauteeing (sp?) for about 5-7 minutes.

Add 2 cups of water and add the fish (cubed about 2″). Simmer on medium for about 10 min. Add a squeeze of lime and some fresh aromatics like chopped up cilantro, basil and curry leaves if you have them. Let some Salt and pepper rain !!!

Serve in a soup bowl and hit it with some white rice to make it hearty.

This is so light, fragrant and brothy, Trust me, it’ll hit the spot ! Who says you can’t have hot soup on a summer night ? With crazy thunderstorms, we’ve been having, this will work just fine 🙂

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