My bags are packed and am ready to go!

Freaky Curry a.k.a yours truly is traveling this weekend! I got my girls, my shoes and my camera and we are headed to the beautiful city of Asheville. And boy oh boy I am excited!

This weekend has been a long time in the making…. It actually started as a Birthday treat from my chicas which was by the way in July but between work, kids, school and families, we are FINALLY going now!!

My girlies! (Missing a couple)

If you remember my birthday last year, the girlies treated me to a very special culinary trip to my favorite beach town at Charleston. I know, I know, I am spoiled 😉

Last year’s Birthday trip! (Missing a couple)

But there is a bonus this time around. We are not only celebrating my birthday but we are also celebrating a couple of other birthdays AND some great news in each of our lives.

Overall, we are celebrating years of friendship and hoping to grow together as the years roll on by.

I have to tell you, it’s an honor for me to be surrounded by such beautiful, strong and smart women. They are amazing and I love them !

Ok, so by now you are wondering, where is the recipe?? Well, this post really has nothing to do with food.. Yet.. 😉 But some of you have asked me before, how do I dress and pack for trips so I thought I’ll share that with you in this post.

Since we’ll be gone only for the weekend, and that too in one car, I’m definitely packing light… But trust me I plan on being smart and stylish AND comfy!

The key is to pack for the weather but be prepared just in case it turns on you. since we are still straddling the summer/fall climate line, I am packing a couple of “breathable” pairs of skinnies/tights which have a stretch to them and am going to pair them with a pair of low heeled booties or flats. That’ll help keeping me cool and comfy with all the driving and walking in the mountain town.

For the one night that we have planned on the town, I’m thinking of a light weight blazer with either tights or a summer chiffon dress. It’s a great way to “dress” up a plain dress without looking fussy. Add on a pair of shooties and I’ll be ready to go! The whole idea is to look chic but be comfortable too.

For the day at the spa… Oh did I forget to mention the fabulous Grove park Inn resort spa!!?? Yep, we ladies are getting the works this weekend.. Well deserved might I add 😉 Anyway, for the spa day, I got a one piece (very 60’s by the way) bathing suit for the hot tub and pool and am packing a pair of camo shorts and a comfy chambray shirt.. And a pair of flat shoes!

Some if not all of these items below will be making a cameo in my trip this weekend.

Nothing says “Girls weekend out!” more than some animal print…
I heard it’s making a comeback.. I say “It never went away”..

My latest obsession.. Camo prints! I am an Army brat and wanted to join the military..
Well, life had other plans for me..
Paired with an embellished unicorn shirt, the ensemble gets a feminine touch.
Some Faux Leather tights and a daring animal print blazer..
Both light weight and breathable and perfect for a sexy night out!

A soft summer chiffon dress…
Possibly pair it with a loose cotton cardigan or a blazer for day or night!

Yep, Camo again! This time pairing these shorts with a washed down Chambray shirt
for the comfy, soft and yet cool look!

And folks, you know me..I promise to take pics and to recreate any delish items I eat on this trip (as always) to share with you all.. Stay tuned!

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