Onam: The festival of plenty

Onam: The festival of plenty. Marking the harvest season in the state of Kerala, India, Onam brings about festivities centered ofcourse around food and family. It is not so much of a religious holiday but rather a holiday to share and be thankful for what you have already. The mythology behind this festival is rather cool and I encourage all to read via the wiki link I provided above.

Big pot out means big things are happening !

 Some ask my association with this festival as I am from the northern part of India and whereas this festival is predominantly celebrated by the natives of the state Kerala, India (Southern coastal state). I was introduced to Onam while growing up in India. We traveled a lot due to my father being an ex-military officer. Also growing up, my mom made all these culinary delicacies from all over the world and ofcourse you know me… If it’s food related, I am there 🙂 and to top it all, I married a man who was born and raised in Kerala.. so .. yeah, Onam is on my list of festivals now 🙂 (Do check out my love for Christmas and Thanksgiving too).

Looking all festive!

The hosts for the Onasadhya

My dear friend and I

Onam comes with a list of food favorites. The delicacies that are served on this day are traditionally served on a fresh banana leaf and is called Onasadhya. and Yes, you eat with your fingers.. The same way you would eat a burger or pizza.. but spoons are allowed if need be.

Serving food is the biggest honor at a traditional Onasadhya
Food anyone ?
A lil joking around.
Our friend here who is serving is actually from Nepal
and got into the Onam spirit. 🙂 

More food ?

Traditional eating is on the floor on
 fresh banana leaves. I improvised 🙂

Since I have never eaten a traditional Onasadhya, my version of this exquisite buffet has been a laborious process of mom’s teachings, MIL and SIL’s recipes, trial, error, taste and then taste some more. And through this process, I have had an awesome support group of family and friends who have always found  time and energy to humor me. So, this Onam, I thank them all. In the making and sharing of this wonderful holiday, if I may have inadvertently offended any people, I do apologize for that in advance and as always, I welcome feedback. 

Ah.. the feast!
Beautiful ladies.. 

My mom.. as usual.. cooking 🙂
Wonder who got her genes ? 😉
Luca and Suman.. High fives! good times.. 🙂
Honored to be the hosts

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