Pasta for the thighs…. Umm. .I mean for the soul !!

I love a good pasta dish. Well, what I mean by a good pasta dish is that the pasta should be al dente yet tender.. should be buttery and just full of subtle flavors without a lot of heavy ingredients. I like my pasta with a hint of salt, black pepper, basil , butter or OO and maybe a shower of fresh parm…. Delicious !!

Ok maybe I go crazy and add some roasted wild mushrooms and asparagus to the mix.. Well why not ?? 😉

But unfortunately, all the pasta I eat, goes to my thighs !! Yes, not my butt, not my arms, not my belly BUT my thighs !! I have proof.. 🙂 Don’t ask how but I notice that after I eat pasta, my thighs look bigger.. I know.. CRAZY !! BUT that doesn’t stop me from indulging once in a while.. 🙂

So here you go, my recipe for a super easy, drum roll please…….. HOME-MADE pasta noodles served two ways…

Enjoy !! Let your thighs live a little 😉

1.5 cups of Flour (I use whole wheat white)
Extra flour for the rolling board and pin.
3 Large eggs
A pinch of salt

Boiling pot of salted water ready to go !!

In a large mixing bowl or on a clean and dry board, Make a well in the flour.
Crack the eggs in the well. Add the salt.

 With your fingers, start mixing the eggs into the flour slowly and gently.

Try to incorporate all the flour and the eggs till it becomes one sticky and tacky messy blob of flour. Add dry flour and keep working the dough till it is nice and dry. Let rest for a few minutes…

Roll out into a thinnnnnnnnnn sheet. The thinner the better.. The pasta will plump up in the water..
Cut into desired shape. I went with a noodle shape for easy and fun eating..

Drop in the boiling pot of salted water for 4-5 minutes.. They will rise to the top and that’s when you know it’s done. Cook till desired doneness.

Take out from the water and use immediately. Use this with your favorite sauce (Recipe for the Fiery Tomato sauce) or toss with some OO and basil. Dress with fresh cracked pepper and shaved parmesan. Buon Appetito !!
 Enjoy !!

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