Simple Pork Tacos! Perfect for a rainy, and stormy night!

Photo: Street style pork tacos! Slow cooked with jalapenos, chipotle peppers, roasted cumin, and garlic! Served with pineapple and blackbean salsa.. Spicy tacos with sweet salsa.. Whole wheat tortillas too. Yumm!

It’s grey outside today.. Not “50 shades of grey” grey but rainy, stormy and thunder grey.. I LOVE this weather.. This weather calls for comfort food.. soups, stews, warm cozy food.. I know I associate everything with food.. ūüôā¬†This recipe is so easy, it is bound to become your favorite!

All you need is a slow cooker and some basic ingredients and you are all set..

I used:

Pork tenderloin- about 2-3 pounds
2 Jalapenos sliced
A couple of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce
3-4 Medium sized Tomatoes chopped
1 Large onion chopped
Juice of 1 Lemon
2-3 garlic cloves smashed
1/2 Tbsp of dry roasted and ground cumin powder (KEY INGREDIENT)
Salt, pepper and red chili flakes (if you dare)
Enough water to cover the meat.

Slow cook for 6-7 hrs. And pull the meat apart with a fork.

For taco assembly, you will need

Tortillas of your choice
Pineapple and bean salsa
Lime wedge
Queso fresco (optional)

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