Spinach and chickpeas patty cakes!

Pat a cake .. Pat a cake.. Well this is a different kind of a cake.. Savory, light and oh so flavorful!! Also a great idea to make ahead for a party !! Enjoy!

Spinach and chickpeas patty cakes!
1 Cup Garbanzo beans: Soaked overnight and
pressure cooked for 10-12 minutes; Drained
Jalapenos, shallots, garlic, fresh spinach, a bit of Parmesan cheese

Coarsely blend all.
Season with salt, cayenne, black pepper, turmeric powder (1 Tsp),
curry powder (1 -2 Tsp) and dry roasted and ground cumin seeds (1 Tsp).
Mix well. 
Make patties and cook for 3-4 minutes on both sides

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