Support your local Farmer’s market!

I absolutely adore farmer’s markets around town! We have a few in town but they are not that accessible so I jump at a chance to visit a local market whenever I can.. Today it was at my lunch hour… I was running around like a roadrunner.. Beep beep.. Lol.. But just seeing the fresh produce, homemade jams, cured meats, fresh breads AND beautiful flowers makes my heart get all warm.. I know I’m crazy that way!

But look at the beautiful pics I took during my visit. ! I just want to eat the pictures.. hmm.. yeah I’m crazy!

Whoa!! Mother load of green veggies!!
Indian bitter melons… My mom makes the BEST !!
Milled cornmeal.. Cornbread anyone ?
Jams and Jellies galore!
Great Harvest Bread Co.. Love their bread!! 
Karen from GHB Co.. Love her spirit!

Ah.. Food heaven ? Maybe.. 
I am so happy to have found my treasures!! 
Oh wait ! I need some more ..

and MORE!!

Indian Snake gourd… Love gourds.. snakes, not so much.. 
Yep, I am all set!! Next stop– My Kitchen!

Here are more details as per the Charlotte Observer.

This is where I went today.

Charlotte Regional Farmers Market, 1801 Yorkmont Road. 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday (closes at 5 p.m. October-March; open Sunday afternoons May-August). Details:

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