Test driving "Random Thursdays"

Hello Party people,

I am going to try something new here. A series of blogs for “Random Thursdays”.
I decided to go with this instead of “Left over Thursdays” as I got the feedback that, not a lot of people have left overs on a Thursday as people tend to cook on the weekend so left overs usually are available on a Monday or a Tuesday rather than a Thursday..

so thanks for the feedback !!

So for our first edition of Random Thursdays..

I am going to share with you the recipe for Paneer tikka flatbread.

(Even though today is not a thursday.. anywhooooo )

To serve 4

For the dough:

Recipe coming soon.


Paneer (2 cups cubed/shredded)

1 Cup fresh mozzarella cheese shredded/cubed

1 cup of baby spinach

1/2 red onion sliced REAL thin

1 green bell pepper sliced REAL thin

Tikka sauce:

1 onion and 3 tomatoes blended into a paste

1 Tsp garlic and ginger paste

1 Tsp garam masala

1 Tsp coriander powder

1 Bayleaf

1 stick of cinnamon

2 Tbsp sour creme

2 Tsp Yogurt

Salt and red chili powder to taste

Saute’ everything except for the dairy products in about 2-3 Tsp of OO.

Saute till the mixture separates from the side of the pan on medium heat.

Add sour creme and yogurt. Cook for about 2-3 minutes and remove from heat.

Let it cool.

Marinate the paneer in 1/2 a cup of the tikka sauce for about 30 minutes.

Spread your dough out on a non stick cookie sheet very thin. You should be able to see the sheet through the dough. Bake the dough for 5 minutes in a pre-heaten oven at 400 degrees. This is your flatbread base. Use a fork and “jab” the base to remove any air bubbles. (This will make the base crunchy and not soft)

Spread about 1/2 cup of the tikka sauce on the base. Sprinkle the rest of the toppings.

Make sure you don’t over load the base. If there are too many toppings, the flatbread will be soggy instead of crunchy.

Bake in a pre-heated oven at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes.

Enjoy with mint chutney.

It’s amazing that fresh Italian mozzarella has a very similar consistency as that of paneer. If you see how both are made, you will not be surprised as to why. I like using fresh mozzarella a LOT as I am a paneer addict and when I don’t get fresh paneer, I goto fresh mozzarella.

Enjoy !!

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