Fan mail fan mail!!!
March 26, 2012

Got this from our friends Margaret Ann and John!! A newly engaged couple who cooked with us this past Sunday…

Testimony from Margaret Ann & John:

Riddhi’s cooking class exceeded our expectations! It was casual, fun, interactive and extremely informative. Riddhi has a passion for cooking, different cultures and people, which was evident in her presentation. John and I had wonderful time. Our favorite dish was the Lemongrass shrimp skewers. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking to meet new people, learn how to cook and have a good time!

Fan mail fan mail!! Got this from Eric and his wife Christabelle who took a class with us last year…

Hi Riddhi,
Thanks for such a great class, and for taking the time to hold such a fun and hands on class. I enjoyed all the things that we made, but my favourite was the carrot soup, the pesto really took it to a whole new level. I would never have thought of pairing the pesto with carrot soup. I will definitely make it sometime soon.
Thanks once again for sharing your passion for cooking with us, I hope to attend another class soon.
Christabelle and Eric

Fan mail Fan mail !!
Received this from our friend Jen !! or “chutki” as we call her in our household.. 🙂 (and yes, there is a story behind it)


Dear Freaky Curry,
Thank you for hosting Apps and Cocktails! If it’s possible, I had more fun at this class than at the first one I went to! What a great idea for a class!!
I appreciate that you make the class environment so warm and inviting that a non-cooker like me feels comfortable asking any question, no matter how basic. The hands on approach makes it easy to learn and I love all the random tips you throw in! The notecards are a great idea to jot them all down.
Thanks again for being an excellent host and teacher! 🙂
Thanks Jen for the kind words. We love having you !! BTW : You do make the best guac I know of 🙂
Love !!

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