This post comes from the side of a highway in Queen city..I was in a wreck about 2 hrs back and am waiting for the towing truck to come get me out of this mess. I am doing ok.. the airbag did deploy and my chest hurts because of the impact but I am A.O.K!! so glad that no one was with me in the car..I think this is a perfect backdrop for me to post about the Things to be thankful for this year…

1. Good health of family
2. Good health of self 🙂
3. A paying job… Do I hear an Amen?!
4. A hobby to keep me sane
5. Roof over my head
6. Food on my table
7. Friends to share the food with 🙂
8. Sense of spirit and wonderment
9. Faith in humanity
10. Presence of mind… Well for the most part 😉

What are you thankful for this season?

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