Welcome Fall! I have been waiting for you..

So a friend of mine from work just texted me this morning. The text read “Freaky Curry is a little dated!”.. I was like Oh my gosh! Someone actually reads my blog!!

Yeah…… I think Amy Adams had a similar feeling when she got her first comment on her blog. Granted it was from her mom and she was not too happy about it BUT still the exhilaration and thrill you feel for that split second when someone acknowledges your work (hard work, I must add) is priceless… hmm.. So, Yes, I was feeling like Amy Adams in the movie Julie and Julia 🙂 so thanks David for that ! I appreciate it.. 🙂

So I have been doing the same ole same ole stuff.. You know shopping, cooking and running…

Roasted lamb chops marinated with garlic and rosemary,
porcini mushrooms and parm risotto, roasted garlic rosemary new potatoes.
Glass of Menage a Trois! I call Sunday a success!!

Me after a 10K!
Heirloom tomatoes, home grown basil and mint,
reduced balsamic and a generous shower of crushed mixed peppercorns.
Sunday night good eats begin!

Today,  I woke up to a beautiful crisp morning here in the Carolinas.. I could smell Autumn in the air. Somehow when I looked at the front of my house, it magically transported me to the blue ridge mountains where I am sure the leaves are turning into a myriad of vivid fall colors already. Hmm.. Fall/ Autumn.. Love this season. Time to get rid of the old and prepare for the new. I think of pumpkins, apples, spices, warm tea, stews and soups. Crisp mornings and a gentle chill in the evenings.. Slow cooker recipes and warm pies.. (Yes, I think in food people!)..

So technically Fall is 24 hrs away BUT I cannot wait any longer! This weekend starts my ode to some fantastic “fall” favorites re-invented FC style! Stay tuned.. and Welcome the season of plenty 🙂 and Guys and Dolls, Get your boots ready!! 😉

One thought on “Welcome Fall! I have been waiting for you..

  1. Riddhi says:

    Hey David,
    Thanks for the comment! and yes, I have tried lamb with mint, garlic, OO, etc…. Its awesome!! Mint and lamb such a classic combo!! Love it!! thanks for sharing.. and Thanks so much for the love for FC!!

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