Whole Foods in the Queen city!!

Freaky Curry had the pleasure of being invited to the grand soft opening of Whole Foods in the Queen city. Unfortunately I couldn’t go on the day of due to my 9-5 job (which I am very thankful for BTW).. So I decided to explore the store and it’s offering on my lunch today….. 
Whole foods specializes in local and organic food choices. Their dairy, meat and poultry are antibiotics and growth hormones free. Their grains are natural and unprocessed.  (In other words, this is the kind of food I grew up with so I am in love!)
I was like a kid in a candy store! Better yet, I was like “me” in a “shoe” store.. If you know me by now, you know I will travel for food.. 🙂 I was a bit overwhelmed by the enormity of the store and what it offered but I got my bearings right in a short bit. The service is AWESOME!!! Every one was so helpful and so happy.. I love it!! Had a great chat and swapped recipes with the butcher and also got a recommendation on some wine.. 
My loot included rack of lamb , whole split rainbow trout, heirloom tomatoes, rainbow chard, teeny tiny colorful potatoes, and some delectable cheese (among other things).. Of course there is some chocolate and wine in the bag too 😉 Here are some pics for you all to drool over while I get busy in the kitchen! Let me know how you like the store ? Here’s wishing all good eats over this weekend!
Local heirloom tomatoes!!
I am thinking a simple salad
with crumbled soft cheese, and aged balsamic !

Grains galore!

More grains!

I “see” food!!

Whole split rainbow trout!
Stuffed with ? I don’t know yet but soon!!

Warehouse of goodness!!

Bath salts!!

That’s right! Let’s do this!!

Ummm Fromage!

Olive bar!! Just look at these beauties!

Say “cheese”! 

Ready to eat meals

Juices, wine and more!

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