You eat with your eyes…..!

My mom and me!

A friend and a supporter of Freaky Curry recently commented how the pictures of the food that I cook and post online look great! He asked me to write about why I believe that the art of presentation mattered when it comes to food. I have a very simple answer for that. 

 You “eat” with your eyes… 
Ever since I was little, I observed my mom, display the art of visual perfection inside and outside the kitchen. Whether it was her food or just herself, she made sure everything was well put together. I guess that just kind of stuck with me. You will never see me in my sweats or PJs outside of my home. 

Please show me this post if you ever do. 😉
I apply the same philosophy to my food  too. When it comes to food, one of the first senses you use is sight along with smell, so it’s very important that you “dress” your food appropriately. In the age of “tele-vision”, we heavily rely on our eyes and long for “smell-vision” when it comes to the matters of gastronomic creations. Whether it’s a touch of sour cream or a sprinkle of chopped parsley, you want to make sure that the colors in the food tell a story. and the start of the story should be “Come, eat me!”.. 
Sounds simple enough but the art of visual appeal can be very tricky if not careful. 
It’s like deciding what shoes to wear with an outfit ? and if you know me, you know I know the answer to that ! 😉

Start by asking yourself some basic questions like;

1. Do the shoes have to match or contrast with the outfit ?
2. Do the shoes have to be comfortable ?
3. Do the shoes have to be in style ?
Similarly, for food and garnishes, ask yourself this;
1. Do the herb/condiments have to be a part of the recipe ?
2. Do the  herb/condiments have to taste good standalone ? (e.g whole cinnamon sticks, rosemary, dried oregano)
3. Do the  herb/condiments have to be in season ?
 If you all know me by now, I am not the one to follow conventions when it comes  to fashion. I treat my food the same way. I call myself a food enthusiast and refer to my style of cooking as a  “fusion inspired” way of cooking. 
I follow one rule when it comes to “dressing” for the occasion (food or yourself); “Taste and sample”! 
Try out different combinations and trust your senses…!
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